Newbie looking for Dashboard protector film

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Post by OrangeNiroE »

Good evening! Very happy to have found you. Brought my first Niro E 4 in July. Got a good deal with £3600 discount. Was previously driving a Hyundai i30 for nearly 14 yrs.

A lot to learn but so far enjoying the EV experience. I find the car a bit big and managed to scratch the rear far side wheel arch in a tight car park in Cheltenham over August bank holiday but now been repaired.

Was wondering if there's any where I can buy a dashboard screen protector. They sell the left hand drive version on Amazon but not the right hand drive.

Thanks and hope to contribute on here as much as possible!


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Post by AlanW55 »

My immediate thought is a RHD is a mirror image of a LHD, so just reverse the screen protector. But if the protector is sticky on one side, then this is a no-go.
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