12 Volt Battery discharging

Kia e-Niro which offers an all-electric, zero-emissions powertrain
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Bob Greenwood
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My car is a 2019 1st Edition E --Niro 64kWh.
On 6/02/23 my 12 volt utility battery was flat, i.e. with zero charge. The AA attended and reported as follows:
• Battery voltage 0.8v. Boosted and initial current draw 13amps. Battery charge current 2amps rising to 10 amps indicating 12v battery ok. Parasitic drain of between 2.5 amps and 11 amps When vehicle powered down and locked.
• Plugged car into charger when AA left. Charge record showed 0.2kWh charge, over 21min, initially at 0.8kW then reducing to 0.5kW.
Ongoing activities as follows:
• Car plugged in to charger but not taking charge. Battery voltage measured as zero, but when terminals removed, rose to 1.43V.
• Battery disconnected, removed from car and put on charge.
• Charged to 13.85V. Refitted in car. Set car to Start. Battery reading 14.53V. Main Battery showing 100%. Switch off car. Battery reading 12.7V.
• After leaving overnight (not on charge, headlights off auto), battery voltage zero.
• Removed battery and put on charge.
• Charged to 13.7V.
• Refitted in car but removed Neg battery lead to see if battery looses charge overnight whilst disconnected.

I'd appreciate any thoughts / advise on finding a resolution.

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I had the same problem and my eNiro 4+ spent 4 weeks in the dealers workshop while they tried to prove what was causing it. It was finally proved to be caused by my vehicle being registered with my energy supplier for so called ‘intelligent’ charging (Octopus). It looks like they keep ‘pinging’ the vehicle to see if it’s connected to a charger and every time they do that the dashboard display back light come on, resulting in a battery drain and eventually a flat battery. I’ve had to unregister my car from Octopus Intelligent Charging and no longer have the problem. It’s been flagged as an issue across ALL Kia EVs. Hope this helps.
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Post by keyshed »

When I went out this morning in my Kia Niro hybrid4 2023 model, I had a notice come up on the screen saying there was a new map update, and would be done over the air. Does anyone know what that means, do I have to keep the car on or will it do the update overnight?


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