Kia also planning a Nissan Juke rival

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"There’s space to grow with SUVs, into lower segments. This model makes sense for us, and we will bring it in the future, two years maximum", European marketing director Artur Martins confirmed to Autocar this week.

As you may know, the Kia Niro concept car was originally envisaged as a Juke rival before being unveiled as the Hybrid Utility Vehicle.


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The B-segment SUV is likely to be based on the underpinnings of the next-generation Rio, which is set to arrive next year.
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I kind of hope that they don't do that. I hate those cars. My boyfriends mom got one, and I road in it. I don't think that they are very well made cars. Kia might be able to make something better, but I don't know. They aren't that great.
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Not a fan of this idea. I ma vert picky with cars and this just seems like it is too much. I don't like anything that even resembles them cars.
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With Hyundai now announcing the Kona and we already know Kia are launching a small SUV soon as well.

Why would you pick the Hyundai over the Kia?


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