YouTube video - may interest eNiro 'waiters and wanters' !

Kia e-Niro which offers an all-electric, zero-emissions powertrain
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Post by HaxbyPete » Wed Dec 11, 2019 5:08 pm

This YouTube video makes some interesting points about the scarcity of eNiro cars in the UK - and why !

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Post by championc » Fri Dec 13, 2019 6:56 pm

Nothing new here


After last night, there is less of a reason for Kia to bring these into the UK because the UK will no longer be part of the EU and so there is no longer any benefit for Kia to add EV's into the UK since these cars won't count towards the EU Emissions Target, any longer !!!

So while they might say they'll ship in 3000, you can expect a possible slip in deadline, and I'd say that now all bets are off regarding the second half of the year

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