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Post by Yozza » Tue Jun 14, 2022 7:40 am

I am new to this forum so "Hello". I am not a new Niro owner having had two Niros prior to ordering the new Niro PHEV and have to consider a the best way forward in setting up a charging system prior to delivery. Initially I was working on using the 3 pin lead only hoping that I could top it up after a short trip but am now wondering whether be wiser to have a Type 2 system installed to be able to charge on cheaper night-time tariffs. The dealer advised me to go to my energy supplier first as Octopus and E-On do good deals. As it happens I am with Octopus at the moment . Has anybody had experience with Octopus Go? Based upon the cost of charging would I be better to stick with the basic domestic socket or install the Type 2 system? What should be the cost of installing a system?

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