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Post by neil.kennedy@sky.com » Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:39 am

Having just got my 68 plate Niro and having read up as much as possible and watched countless reviews I took the plunge and am sort of regretting it at the moment. Getting to a dealership is involved but may be the only thing to ease my mind but in the meantime, I'm driving it in my opinion quite economically around 73% and above and quite a lot in EV mode but I've noticed whilst in EV mode the mileage to the next petrol fill up logo on the dash keeps decreasing and it was my understanding that when in EV mode you are using solely electrical power and no petrol so why does this decrease. Also I find the noise quite loud inside which I've seen a few reviews where they say how quiet the car is but mine is anything but. I apologise for being a bit naive in these matters but the car was bought from Hendy's a reputable a used car sales dealership with only 144 miles on the clock and I'm considering taking it a long way to a Kia dealership to see if these problems are sortable and don't want to appear to be a fool.

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Post by AlanW55 » Thu Jan 24, 2019 6:36 pm

Hi Neil,. I gather you have bought an HEV (not the plug-in PHEV model). When you see EV, this means the electric motor is operating, either on its own, or assisting the petrol engine. The engine is operating most of the time in winter, principally to keep you warm! What mpg are you getting? I'm getting around 50-55 mpg on average, and I'm an "economic" driver.
As for the noise, you must have a fault as I find my Niro to be very quiet. Back to the dealer!
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Post by deguy » Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:56 pm

After messing around with the whizzy graphics on the central display for a while, I now drive with the live fuel consumption display up behind the steering wheel and use that as a reference to whether the petrol engine is active, given it can be surprisingly quiet.
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Post by stever » Fri Jan 25, 2019 4:46 pm

i agree in this weather engine does run a lot more than in summer you can see by graphics when engine is running and charging battery been well pleased with mine niro 4 18 plate with all the extras as standard mpg on run has been high 80 in summer went to ireland via holyhead and 2 hour drive in ireland really strugled to put 30 euro in tank. around north london if you drive light footed in ev mode its excelent

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Post by jerrytaff » Fri Jan 25, 2019 7:38 pm

So you have 3 separate issues.

1. Reducing indicated mileage in EV mode are probably due to use of the heating as has been suggested in the other replies. If you turn the heating off, when in EV mode the car should be almost silent - a slight whine, plus road/wind noise if travelling faster, and if you have an instantaneous MPG display, it should read 999.
If you can hear the engine, the heating is still on - just because none of the lights are illuminated, it does not mean its off. In heating mode, the ICE is only powering the heater and you should be getting something over 100mpg. However, as you have a 2, not a PHEV, I believe that it isn't possible to hold it in EV mode, and it will automatically switch use the ICE to assist the electric motor if you accelerate.
What MPG are you getting overall? The cold weather will have an effect, as will the low mileage on the engine. It will improve as the weather improves, and as the engine loosens up.

2. I assume that the noise which you allude to is coming from the engine. What are you comparing it to to consider it to be noisy? When it's running, I find the engine is quite noticeable, especially when accelerating up hill. The sound sound is more of a low rumble/growl than on other cars I've driven . Its not unpleasant, and I don't find it particularly intrusive; I don't need to raise my voice to talk above it, and I don't even notice it if listening to music at moderate volume.

3. You bought from Hendy's, but the nearest Kia Main dealer is not close to you. Hendy sell new as well as used cars, and have 3 Kia main dealerships - in Portsmouth, Eastleigh, and Tonbridge Wells. Presumably you didn't buy from one of them. So, what's the story about the car? Why was it for sale and how did it come to be sold outside the Main Dealer network at so low mileage? Who do you intend to do get to do the annual service, recall, and warranty work? In your position, I'd go to them now for a warranty check, but only after going back to Hendy to see what they have to say.
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Post by tonybkent » Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:59 pm


I notice the petrol range goes down and back up sometimes - just two or three miles at most so it may partly be sensor readings. I do have the PHEV though so I notice that more as I'm nearly always driving on battery and no heater (heated seat and steering wheel instead).

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Post by TheMKD » Sat Jan 26, 2019 6:44 am

I have the Niro PHEV.
I have noticed the same drop in petrol mileage when running on battery. The ICE has been used for heating, but it does turn off once the cabin temperature has been reached. May be this is the cause. TBH I don’t know.

I agree with you, the engine noise is aweful.....but is this just because of the quietness of the EV mode.

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Post by radar2018 » Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:50 am

I have now done 1200 miles in my PHEV and I have never noticed the engine noise, the worst noise is that artificial engine noise at low speed.

Is this a LEGAL requirement as I tend to switch it off as it drives me mad?
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Post by NiNiro » Sat Jan 26, 2019 5:45 pm

@neil It’s more fair to judge range and efficiency based upon tank to tank measurements and calculated from trip recorded miles. The range data on the dashboard is an estimate based upon several factors.
1, Previous fuel consumption history logged by computer
2. Fuel level measurement (which in itself is an average due to constant fluctuations in actual fuel levels from actual fuel volume, car angle and sloshing of fuel during driving.)
3. Fuel economy data recorded in current trip.
4. Miles travelled in current trip period
The indicated range is based upon all of the above. Many variables, of which weather conditions, your driving style etc can be added variables. What I notice is that over 36000 miles to date (all full to empty tank trip logs), the actual range does come close very often to the original indicated miles After refuelling.

To answer your point about the indicated range still going down even when in EV mode: consider the figures an average based upon many data inputs. Miles travelled being one. Therefore you can expect to see a range drop during EV periods.

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Post by Blue60 » Thu Nov 11, 2021 9:55 pm

Hi to All

I am the happy owner of a Kia Niro 3 M-HEV ,18 plate. Originally I was looking to ask a question. I was getting 58 - 64 MPG, as displayed and on a few occasions reached 75 but since the introduction of E10 petrol I am now getting 45 - 50 MPG but having read some of the post it could be due to the weather getting colder and I have been using the heating so may be this is the cause.

As for cabin noise, I find it can be bad at times but I am aware that tyres and road surface can make a big difference. Also, I have 18" low profile wheels and tyres and I do not know how this effects cabin noise. But engine and other car related noise is low, in fact, often I cannot tell when the engine is or is not running. However it is not as noise as my previous car so I am not complaining.



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