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Auto Hold

Post by cinco » Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:25 pm

Hi guys,

I have the Niro Self-Charging level 3 for a few months now, loving it, and can regularly get over 50mpg driving in and around town. I haven't hit those m/ways yet. Anyway, I have a few questions for the technically minded or Kia mechanic.

- Will Auto Hold disengage if rear ended, or does it act like a true handbrake? If the Niro is pushed forward with force [rear ended] will the wheels turn, and if they turn will that be enough for the Auto Hold feature to disengage?

- Why doesn't the brake lights light up when using left paddle in Regenerative Braking position 1 with my foot off the gas? When in position 3 and foot off the gas, the brake lights do light up. Seems strange. In either position however, when the car hits about 5mph, the Regenerative Braking stops and free wheels again.

Anyone got any ideas?


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Re: Auto Hold

Post by AlanW55 » Tue Nov 24, 2020 5:06 pm

Can't answer your first question, suspect only Kia would know.

I imagine your level 1 paddle is equivalent to me just taking my foot off the gas and coasting in my 2017 Hev. This is low level regenerative "engine braking" when the brake lights shouldn't come on. Your level 3 is equivalent to the higher regeneration braking actuated in my car when I press the brake pedal, obviously the brake lights will then come on. So Kia have arranged the braking lights to come on in your car when you are using the regen paddle instead of the brake pedal to slow the car down. If I was following you, that's exactly what i would want to see.

This brought to mind earlier posts questioning if the adaptive cruise control causes the brake lights to come on when it catches up a slower vehicle - it does.
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Re: Auto Hold

Post by Ianc2121 » Sun Nov 29, 2020 4:25 pm

Re the brake light coming on with left paddle regen 1 & 2, if you were to slow the car using the gearbox in a manual car the brake lights would not come on, so as only regen 3 is as strong as using the brake, then I'm assuming it only comes on in that condition.

What I'd like to know is why does the brake lights stay on with Auto Hold, surely it's just like the handbrake which doesn't put on the brake lights? I don't like cauterizing the eyes of the people behind me with my brake lights dazzling them. Is there a way to switch this off?

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