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We've made our privacy policy clearer in line with the new data protection laws. You can view the privacy policy and cookie policy by clicking the links in the footer below.

Just to clarify, we store the following personal data about you:

Your username
Your password
Your email address
Your IP address

Optionally you may also specify your real name and location. This data is not shared with 3rd parties and your password is encrypted.

Anything you post on the forum must be deemed to be public and will be accessible to 3rd parties viewing the site and 3rd parties such as Google listing the site in their search engine.

The above was agreed by yourself when you registered on the forum and is deemed accepted when you return and log in.

You can request your personal data be removed from the forum. Please email us with this request. In these cases we will remove your username, password, email address, IP address and any name or location data entered. Your public posts however will not be removed. You will no longer be able to log into the forum or post messages.

In addition to the above, we also use an advertising platform (Google) and an analytics platform (Google) which may track your IP address and issue cookies. You can find out information on these platforms by viewing our cookie policy.