New Niro 3- first hybrid

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Post by madasadad » Fri Nov 26, 2021 7:40 am

I’m picking up a Niro 3 this afternoon, a demo, reg Sep21 with <200 miles. There wasn’t much discount on list price, it was the last available one in Northern Ireland! but got a good enough trade in value for my Peugeot 508 GT plus Lifeshine and Delivery pack - combined retail cost £700, allegedly
I’ve gone from doing 20k to 30k now we’re out of lockdown.
I can see diesels getting increasingly prosecuted in the next few years so decided to go petrol whilst used prices are so strong.
508 averaged 45mpg, I’m hoping for 55 from the Niro
I hardly slept last night contemplating if I’ve made the right decision!
Deals done, no going back…. I’d Better not have buyers remorse!


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Post by m.scott » Sat Nov 27, 2021 4:19 pm

Hi Madasadad. I bought a Niro 4 HEV last May. I've done 3200 mile of which about half of those miles was on a motorway or doing 70 mph. During the summer I averaged 57 MPG which is now dropping as it gets colder, at present it is 55.2 MPG. My last car was a 1.2 petrol automatic Qashqai which averaged just under 40 MPG.
I find that once I'm up to cruising speed I have to ease off the accelerator till the EV comes in , then lightly use the accelerator to get the best MPG.
On my budget I was undecided about a HEV or a PHEV. It was either a top of the range HEV or a lower spec PHEV but I like the toys and with me doing about half on Motorways, I decided to go for HEV as some say that a PHEV is less efficient on motorways because of the extra weight. I was like you, wondering if I had done the right thing but I am happy with the car and hope you enjoy your car.
2021 Niro 4 HEV Pearl White

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Post by madasadad » Thu Dec 02, 2021 7:25 am

10miles after collecting the car and a lorry in the outside lane hit a plastic 25l drum and it then hit my driver side rear door! Absolutely gutted, but I’ve managed to get 95% of the marks away thankfully! The car came with Lifeshine but tbh, the panel i buffed is a million times better than any other panel in the car! Obviously it’s just get a quick wash, no prep, and the product applied. A pretty poor effort for £349 charged by the dealer
I’ve now 600 miles on it and am averaging 51.5mpg, which is ok just. I’m hoping as the engine loosens up and I get more used to driving it, things will get better. I’d swap the 18” wheels for 16’s in a heartbeat to gain the economy benefits. Over all I’m 75% happy with my Niro, it’s a bit noisy on the inside, however the sound quality is pretty good for a standard system and I’m impressed with fit and finish and tech, although not being able to link UVO fully with my iPhone is a bit annoying. Is it a long term keeper? I’m not so sure… time will tell



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