Faults and Technical chat for the Kia Niro
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2020 Niro PHEV. When drive battery depletes to between 10% and 17%, drive changes from battery driven to hybrid mode. Not necessarily at the change point but a short time later, 2 warning lights display and the car becomes sluggish and unresponsive. HYBRID SYSTEM WARNING LIGHT triangle and MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LAMP come on. Car stopped when safe to do so, ignition key removed and if car restarted only MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LAMP remains on. On first visit to KIa dealership, replaced cell in drive battery (so they said). KIA Techical involved. Without asking, KIA arranged rental car from separate dealership for 10 days until part arrived. Apparently, warning lights can be reset by SOC (State of Charge) calibration of the drive battery during diagnostics. However after car returned from dealership as "fixed and tested" and several days later when drive battery was depleted for the first time, hybrid mode started and shortly afterwards same 2 warning lights returned, so now back at local KIA dealership. Any thoughts please???

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