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Post by Pawman »

My new niro ev loses 1% everyday while parked that will be 30% lost power in 1 month 20khw just lost do I need to return the vehicle as faulty or is there a fix to prevent this?

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Post by halokia »

Hi I am having the same issue but my Niro EV (2022-) is losing up to 2% (up to 10 miles on the GOM) OVER NIGHT!..
The industry standard I believe is between 2 - 4% over a month!!.
No pre conditioning or battery conditioning is selected and I did not use the app (all of which are a battery drain)…
I have attached pictures of infotainment screen, first with battery percentage and range when parked for evening and one in morning before my commute…
At present the dealership have run generic battery tests and stated the battery health is as should be but the instrument cluster was reading different to CPU but this has been corrected but since then the vampire drain is still occurring…
Is this a software glitch?..



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Post by AlanHo »

I don't have an EV but I guess when you first switch the car on in the moring the systems and instruments boot up thus using some energy.

Heve you tried making a note of the range, switching the car off, waiting for a couple of minutes before switching it back on again. Then see how much the range differs.

Maybe a daft suggection but hopefully worth a try.
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Post by halokia »

Any suggestions are welcome, I will try what you have mentioned and will report back…
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EV battery charge indicators are not 100% accurate, the on-board chip may use several different algorithms to assess the best estimate of remaining charge. One of the principal parameters seems to be the temperature of the battery. It’s quite possible that your battery cools down overnight, and the new calculation the next morning shows reduced charge capacity. I don't know how you could heat the battery up, but it would be an interesting experiment.....
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