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Just thought people would be amused with this situation. I have a 2022 Niro EV and took out Kia Insurance when I first purchased the car a year ago. The new for old appealed at the time. Knowing the sweet spot for insurance renewal is 18-26 days before renewal I went to the website for a quote. Entered all details and measured declared could provide quotation so made a phone call and queried why no notification of renewal and no quotation. Operative informed me they cannot insure my car? What!!! Kia insurance cannot insure a KIA NIRO? When challenged he stated their underwriter (apparently lost 7 underwriters) will not insure my car, presumably being a EV?

Wondered if anyone else experienced similar insurance issue? I have found an alternate and with new for old for car uptown two years old.

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I have never used manufacturers insurance. I have found that they are always VERY expensive and NEVER have GAP In 50 years driving I haven't written a car off :?
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