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My 2018 PHEV 3 (which I bought as a 6 month old ex-demonstrator) is coming up to its 6 year MoT having done 38K miles on its original 16" Michellin Energy Saver Tyres. I think that is exceptional, having read of others needing to change the tyres after less than half that mileage. However, they are now worn close to the limit, and will need replacing soon.

I'm not sure whether it is just because of the current state of the roads, temperatures at this time of year, or the tyre wear, but the ride seems to be much harsher and noisier than I recall it being a few years ago. So, I'm wondering what tyres I might switch to. I'm highly unlikely to keep the car for another 6 years, so I don't mind faster wearing tyres, provided that fuel economy isn't greatly affected. A quieter, more comfortable ride, and possibly a bit more grip would be appreciated though.

What would you recommend ?

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