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Post by Niro4Head »

Has anyone ordered a Niro EV 4 in the last 8 weeks? If you have, do you ahve a expected delivery date? Mine is December or January or February or ?

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Post by ARGIE »

Ordered mine 1st September told end of November early December, hopefully by the end of the year don’t hold your breath
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Post by MikeS »

I ordered a Niro4 HEV in Mineral Blue mid June with an expected delivery of 1st October. At the end of September a build date had not been allocated so got the dealer to contact Kia to find out when it could be expected. To their credit they did, they had a number of customers in a similar situation, and they came back to all of us to say Kia had promised delivery by the end of December of all Niro 4 s ordered in June. Unless they have increased production or orders are cancelled. A wait of 6 months can be expected. I am waiting until early November to contact the dealer as you need to allow 6 to 8 weeks from build date to delivery. If not built by then delivery will be in 2023!
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Post by MikeS »

Just had an update from the garage.The Niro4 HEV ordered in mid ~June is in shipment and is expected at the garage on 5th Dec.
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Post by Slartibartfast »

Ordered Niro 4 PHEV on 12th September, estimated delivery: late November/early December. As of today 25th October) dealer has no information concerning production/delivery, but is not expecting a delay.
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Post by eric@362 »

HI I have just received a number plate for my car on my dealer site anyone Know how long before the car will arrive at the dealership.
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Post by NiroSwede »

HI, sorry to piggy back onto your thread but also to do with ordering times. Ordered my Kia Niro EV spec 4 at the beginning of October and we get updated weekly and it keeps telling us we are due delivery at the end of January, my only issue is that when I read posts on Reddit some people seem to have been waiting almost 8 months and the date keeps getting pushed back. I know that the Niro has just launched in the US so I am wondering if they are having to prioritise that market and this will slow down production for the Uk market. Thanks
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Post by sewelljf »

Ordered my Niro Hybrid 1.6 4 DCT on 11th May 2023 with delivery date set for 30th Sept 2023...... and still waiting... get occasional email from dealer saying no forecast delivery dates yet available but asking if I'd like to buy some car mats!!!! My contract says that if they haven't delivered 3 months after due delivery date I can cancel at no cost so they have until end of this month :( so I'd say quotes of 6 months is optimistic.
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Post by RichW »

Does anyone know when Kia accepting orders for PHEV website says to ask the dealer but the dealers do not know and frustrated that they are not being informed Thanks
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Post by DJCAT »

Ordered new kia nero 4 phev . On June the 7th 2023 made end of February 2024 . Now on ship due for delivery to kia garage 16th April. If this helps people waiting
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