Wing / Door Mirror Glass Replacement, Ouch!

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Post by Zenoah »

Hi folks

As a result of a careless driver travelling towards me, veering from their side of the road, the driver side wing/door mirror on my nearly new Niro took a heavy clout, smashing the glass. The smashed glass and its plastic backing plate came adrift from the body of the mirror due to the impact, and were left dangling, held only by the wiring connections.

Did you realise that driving a car with a missing driver's side wing mirror, is illegal, with a potential penalty of £2,500 fine and 3 penalty points? I did not until this happened.

So with the car grounded, I had to source a new mirror glass with its backing plate, as I needed the car back on the road as soon as possible.

After loads of searching, the ony source of supply was my official local dealer.

Cost was £160!

OUCH! :o :(

I told their parts manager, "I hope not to see you again to buy one of these!"

Some one is making a lot of profit here.

Thankfully the car is back to mint condition, as the replacement glass was easy to fit, and some minor scuffing of the exterior wing mirror casing and driver door, was easily polished out.

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Post by AlanHo »

You were lucky it did not damage the housing.

On my previous Niro someone unknown hit the drivers door and mirror in a builders merchant's car park when I was away from the car. It must have been a truck reversing. Hit and run.

The total repair cost £2291 of which £412 was for the side mirror assembly and £591 for a new door. It was covered by my insurance but my insurance premiums have shot up by about £200 per year since it happened despite changing insurers.

I obtained a copy of the invoice from the body shop after "chatting" to a friendly receptionist.
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Post by Zenoah »

Hi Alan
I only just spotted your reply. It was interesting what you said about your insurance hit. It makes a bit of a mockery of insurance, because even with protected no claims discount, they still Jack up the premiums following a claim.
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Post by jerrytaff »

I carelessly broke my nearside mirror -- glass and casing - (2018 PHEV 3) when I clipped the skip that I'd had delivered into the drive. I was quoted the same £412 for the mirror and another £180 to paint it. Eventually I found a brand new part on ebay in Spain for 89.64 Euros - so I snapped it up. The casing is black as it has never been painted but that is hardly noticeable (believe it or not) when the car is midnight blue. However, I hadn't reckoned on it not being quite the same on a LH drive car - the driver to mirror geometry is different, so the mirror is angled differently.
So on maximum adjustment it is still not quite right,I suspect that I could move the glass by a tooth or two of the cog that drives it, but woried about damaging it. Still, it is serviceable for me and gets it through the MoT but it would not be muh use for a short driver.
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This is going to make you chaps weep, but it might help others in the future. (it is not that difficult to remove the broken glass from the backing plate if the new glass does not have it. Some here do. I have done it on one of my previous cars.)
Moral of the tale, always look on EBay for parts, before being ripped off by the manufacturer. ... &_osacat=0
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